‘Shomobi is an interactive application that syncs your mobile phone with your event’. The interactive app has numerous possibilities varying from vibrating in sync with the rhythm of the track, showing video, playing audio, showing brands, communicating actions, everything to make your event an unforgettable experience!

In essence, Shomobi is an event app that offers the possibility of communicating line-ups, programs, floor plans, links to website, ticket sales, you name it. But! Shomobi has a special communication skill that is new to the event industry and show design worldwide.

Shomobi is part of a live show whereby custom-made audio, light, visuals and special FX strengthen each other remarkably well. Shomobi is a great marketing tool to spread your brand and ideas across the world. The app is available for both iPhone and Android and both downloadable in the app stores.

Shomobi can be used at festivals, sporting events and corporate events, as well as speeches, television shows, presentations – the possibilities are endless. Contact us for further details!




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What can Shomobi do for me?

Shomobi is an app that visitors download on their smartphones which we can integrate in a live show. Live shows can be seen as communication models in which we integrate and involve the audience with a brand. This can be the
brand of a festival, of a product, of an artist or band. We are capable of placing your brand, your corporate message or your entertainment in the palm of the hand of your target demographic or your fan base.

What am I buying?
You are buying an app designed specially to your wishes that we offer to both Itunes and Google Play so that your target demographic can download the event-app and experience your brand at their homes and with their friends before the actual experience itself takes place. The application includes the programme or line-up, a map of the event, conference or festival. You can
offer ticket sales, communicate your rules and regulations, integrate an aftermovie of last year’s event, you name it! Via push notifications you can communicate with your audience and create a buzz before the event begins!
But! Le piece de resistance! You are buying an application that is part of a live-show in which we involve the entire audience via an application!

Do I need WIFI?
Well, no! Because that would be costly or logistically impossible at most of the events,. So no, you don’t. We’ll just work our magic!

How about audio, theatre, technical production, show crew, video content, special FX? Do I need those?
Well, yeah you do. And our partners happen to be exactly the right people to be talking to! Plugged Productions creates, designs and composes shows, theatre and show scripts. Unlimited Productions is an international production company known for their world tours with Tiësto. Surely they are more than capable of creating a steady show production.

But I already have a show and a team! I only need the app!
Please! Introduce us to your team and we are more than happy to create a fantastic and memorable show with them!

What does the Shomobi application do during the show?
Everything a phone is capable of doing, and more. It vibrates, it flashes, it makes noises, it shows movies, and all in a way that will create an experience to remember.